About Us

The Missouri Floodplain and Stormwater Managers Association, Inc. is a non-profit organization of professionals involved in floodplain and stormwater management within the State of Missouri. Membership in the association is comprised of local and state government officials, engineers, land surveyors, insurance agents, mortgage lenders, and other private industries or individuals engaged in the management of floodplains or stormwater. We are a growing association with over 200 members throughout Missouri and the Midwest. The association sponsors an annual conference as well as traveling seminars.

The Association provides an additional link between state/federal government agencies and the local community official or private company or individual. The conference and seminars are also great ways to network with others in the field. In addition, the executive board and legislative committee monitor proposed legislation and communicate with our state legislature when proposed legislation concerning stormwater or floodplain management issues arises.

As an educational organization our annual membership dues are $35 for individuals and $100 for corporate members, which includes up to 5 memberships. If you are interested in becoming part of our association , please feel free to contact any of our officers or district representatives. We will be happy to provide more information.

The Missouri Floodplain and Stormwater Managers Association is a proud member of the Association of State Floodplain Managers (ASFPM).

MfSMA Mission Statement:

The Association will work to foster a sense of professionalism on the part of its members, and to make available to them educational opportunities to sharpen their skills; to develop public education campaigns and materials to inform the elected officials and the public about our efforts and heighten their awareness and support of the need for floodplain regulation and storm water management; to provide mutual assistance to our members in the performance of their duties, and provide a uniform interface with our Federal and State counterparts.